Maintenance and protection of parquet and wooden laminate floors

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mantenimiento de parquet y suelos laminados


These days confined at home, we take the opportunity to dedicate it to other tasks that we usually do not have time. For this reason, from Eurosalqui, we propose the following work, cleaning and protection of parquet and laminate floors.

Before all, it is important to create habits of care and regular maintenance to preserve the parquet as the first day. The JB-100 cleaner is the ideal product for weekly floor cleaning. Since an abusive cleaning can subtract life from the floor as it is a living matter.

Another aspect to keep parquet or laminate floors in optimal condition is the use of the vacuum cleaner, which prevents possible scratches. In addition, since it is wood, its water absorption capacity can cause dilation when exposed to humidity and high temperatures, therefore, it is convenient to dry the surface quickly and with a dry cloth.

As specialists in the treatment of wooden floors, we propose the application of waxes. Once the floor is clean of dirt, it is time to apply the EP-20 protector, a protective wax developed for parquets. If the surface is a laminate floor, we propose EP-30 wax, the best solution for the protection and maintenance of laminate floors.

A common and widespread belief is cleaning or disinfecting with the use of vinegar, but like many homemade tricks, they do not usually give the best result. However, even if we achieve an immediate shine, over time, we are deteriorating the wood.

You already know, the use of a specific product such as those suggested will give your floor a completely shiny and renewed appearance.

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