Millennium Serie, the ideal protector for outdoor woods

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12 April, 2019
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14 February, 2020
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protector millennium aplicado sobre madera en invierno


The most resistant products, for the most extreme climates.

With the arrival of winter and if we want to preserve the wood of our home in its highest splendor, it is convenient to apply a specific product of wood, which enhances all the properties of the wood. That is why, it has been designed under these circumstances, designed to resist any natural contact of the various external conditions (frost, snowfall, solar radiation, humidity, temperature variations…).

The Millennium serie is the family of acrylic finishes that ensures great durability of application. Serie particularly focused on the treatment of wood, which guarantees maximum environmental protection and beauty of it.

Developed for the vast majority of users, covering profiles of specialized and professional sectors, as individuals interested in the maintenance and care of wood installations. In addition, it is intended to be used as a single product in multilayer processes in different types of existing wood (coniferous, hardwood and tropical).

The degree of experience does not matter because of its ease of adhesion to different substrates. Its simple application process allows it to be used for all types of carpentry and outdoor furniture. However, it is also valid for use in interior work.

Millennium Serie, is the ideal protector for your wood. This is why, if you have not used our product, it is time to do so! Consult with our experts to receive your experience and good work. Our long experience in the market supports us with quality products and performance.

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