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Protector Millennium en color rojo aplicado en mobiliario urbano de exterior.


Time for waiting, reflecting, observing… Wooden benches or chairs are an excellent option as an outdoor element. We know the importance of your care and treatment. As suppliers of clients dedicated to the manufacture of urban furniture and thanks to their feedback, we develop high-tech products.

Based on this valuable knowledge, the Millennium series, a family of high protection lasures, has been designed. The ideal finish to decorate benches and other wooden exterior elements. You will have furniture that looks cozy, strong and durable for many years.

We propose you simple care to prolong its life of use. As it is outdoor furniture, atmospheric conditions will inevitably cause deterioration, so its sealing with a protective treatment is essential.

If it is portable furniture, it does not hurt to pick it up in the most extreme times such as winter. If we do not have a place to store it, its location is key, protecting it as much as possible from rain and sun.

When it comes to its maintenance, its restoration process is simple, it is enough with a smooth sanding of the surface and the application of a new coat of the Millennium series. A trick, if we want to increase the tone, with successive hands you can increase the color.

Our range of colors allows you to choose according to the style that best suits your environment. Whether in private gardens, public parks, promenades or other natural spaces, it will be spectacular as a rest and wellness area. What is your favorite place to enjoy sitting?

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