The 9 decorative trends in textures of 2020

Protector Millennium en color rojo aplicado en mobiliario urbano de exterior.
Millennium Series, experts in urban furniture treatment
22 April, 2020
textura craquelé roble envejecido
Corten-steel effect
15 June, 2020
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Las 9 tendencias decorativas de texturas en 2020

As every year, Eurosalqui launches the most spectacular decorative trends on the market. A set of ideas that allow infinite possibilities for application in multiple spaces and surfaces. Effects from inspiration in nature and contemporary everyday elements.

Below, we detail more in depth what they are:

textura hielo

Ice: This is a novel three-dimensional visual effect similar to frost or ice. Creates a freezing and calm feeling.

Textura acero cardenillo

Verdigris steel: process that transforms a cut steel surface into a two-color surface, the famous verdigris effect.

Textura cerámico

Ceramic: an effect that imitates a ceramic surface is obtained, the finish is variable depending on the number of cracks and the size you want to achieve.

Textura terracota

Terracotta: from the Italian terra cotta “baked earth”, it resembles clay with a rough finish, without glass cover and high porosity.

Textura roble craquelé

Craquelé oak: varnishing process that provides an aged appearance over time on the surface. Produces an antique effect of great aesthetic beauty.

Textura imán tiza

Magnet + Chalk: two decoration effects are combined. It is a process with a metallic particle which is protected with a chalk effect paint.

Textura cemento

Cement: simulates the traditional effect of architecture and construction. Create modern and industrial environments, with a silky, modern and elegant finish.

Textura goma

Rubber: by applying a two-component extra matte finish, transparent or opaque, a film with a pleasant rubbery feel is obtained, with excellent elasticity and impact resistance.

Textura natural wood

Natural Wood: it is an effect that protects and maintains the natural appearance of wood, both in tone and in touch.

Already visualized, they seem increasingly amazing to us. Now it’s your turn, choose which one you like the most or best fit in your next decorative project. Walls, rooms, objects, sculptures… it is time to take action, to completely change and give it a new aspect of protection and beauty.

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