22 April, 2020
Protector Millennium en color rojo aplicado en mobiliario urbano de exterior.

Millennium Series, experts in urban furniture treatment

WOODEN BENCHES, OUTDOOR REST FURNITURE Time for waiting, reflecting, observing… Wooden benches or chairs are an […]
9 April, 2020
joven jugando con tabla de equilibrio

DIY wooden toys for your children

ORIGINAL IDEAS TO MOVE AND NON STOP More proposals to make with the smallest of the […]
2 April, 2020
mantenimiento de parquet y suelos laminados

Maintenance and protection of parquet and wooden laminate floors

REJUVENATE THE WOOD OF YOUR FLOOR. These days confined at home, we take the opportunity to […]
25 March, 2020
Aplicación de serie Life´s Colour y Esfera en caseta de madera para jardín

Prepare spring, LIFE´S COLOR and SPHERE series

TAKE ALL THE MATCH OUT OF YOUR WOOD With the arrival of spring, we propose the […]
5 March, 2020
Pintura anticalórica AAP-90 en color negro aplicada sobre chimenea

AAP-90, anticaloric paint for fireplaces and stoves

Fireproof paint for fireplaces In days of true winter, reading a good book or the company […]
27 February, 2020
Pieza del artista Adríán Balseca.

Wood and its link with art, in ARCO

Wood is a material used since ancient times until today because it has great aesthetic potential. […]
17 February, 2020
Video Corporativo de Eurosalqui

Eurosalqui Corporate Presentation Video

Corporate video of the 30 years of Eurosalqui Brief corporate video presentation of Eurosalqui. It shows […]
14 February, 2020
Efecto cardenillo aplicado en garrafa de vino y figura decorativa

Copper verdigris effect

Don’t you know how to give a fresh air to the space? Eurosalqui makes it easy […]
27 January, 2020
protector millennium aplicado sobre madera en invierno

Millennium Serie, the ideal protector for outdoor woods

MILLENNIUM, PROTECTOR EXTREME CLIMATES The most resistant products, for the most extreme climates. With the arrival […]