10 February, 2022
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Installation with EQ products for the Concéntrico 06 festival, which invites us to reflect on urbanism and the city.
26 November, 2021
gama de colores otoño


The Eurosalqui range of colors for the protection and maintenance of wood. Autumn comes, summer says […]
22 July, 2021

Aged Iron

This effect is an imitation of the iron oxidation in a natural manner. Depending of the […]
9 July, 2021
Efecto texturas construcción

Construction Textures Effect

It is an effect that imitates the surface, texture and decoration of materials used in construction. […]
9 July, 2021
Efecto acero corten cardenillo aplicado sobre un jarrón decorativo.

Corten Steel Verdigris

Process that transforms a surface into bicolor corten steel, with a high aesthetic value that also […]
9 July, 2021
Efecto pizarra tiza aplicado

Magnet + Blackboard Effect

It is a combination of two decorative effects, it is about of a process with metallic […]
9 July, 2021
Tríptico metalizados Serie 1700

Metallic Finishes Range 1700

Top-quality metallic apperance solvent-based topcoat, for indoor and outdoor decorative elements. It is used as final […]
9 July, 2021
Efecto natural wood aplicado sobre soporte

Natural Wood Effect

It is an effect that protects and maintains the natural appearance of wood, both in tonality […]
9 July, 2021
Efecto hielo aplicado sobre superficie.

Gold Ice Effect

Decorative three-dimensional effect similar to frost or ice.Original 3D visual effect. The application of the process […]