12 April, 2019
Samples where see the abrasion test.

Improving products

To offer the best qualified products for the market, Eurosalqui continuously develops new solutions certified by […]
10 April, 2019
Euroslaqui celebrates its 30th anniversary

Eurosalqui celebrates its 30th anniversary

In 1989, Eurosalqui began its adventure by producing coatings and complementary products for wood. A few […]
19 June, 2018

Decorative craquelé process

This effect, known as craquelé, conveys the appearance of decorated surfaces that […]
21 February, 2018

Iridiscent effect

An effect is obtained with several hues, fruit of the combination of the base color and […]
8 February, 2018

Ice effect

New 3D effect , imitating the formation of frost and ice. The application of the process […]
2 February, 2018

Brown crackle effect (soft touch)

A silky finish applied to the crackle process, results in a leather touch relief. The application […]
1 February, 2018

Corten-steel effect

This effect known as Corten-Steel, is an imitation of this type of steel with a particular […]
14 July, 2014

Decorative “threaded effect” process

Este efecto conocido como hilable, es aquel que se caracteriza por mostrar sobre una base [...]