Aged Iron

Efecto texturas construcción
Construction Textures Effect
9 July, 2021
gama de colores otoño
26 November, 2021
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This effect is an imitation of the iron oxidation in a natural manner. Depending of the quantity of activator, a slight or great oxidation producing orange and bluish tones can be obtained.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Natural oxidation effect.
  • Application on MDF, wood supports.
  • For furniture and general decoration in indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Application by spray, brush spatula.
superficies con texturas de hierro

The application of the process following the guidelines of the notes that we describe in the process, is important for the achievement of the result.


Step 1: Preparation of the support
Application of a layer of epoxi or solvent base depending on whether it is of wood of iron.

Step 2: Application of the texture effect base
Application of a layer of corten steel base HM-6005/80.

Step 3: Sanding
Let dry and slight sand the surface with fine grain.

Step 4: Activator
Application of activator AQ-600 in specific areas or throughout the piece, depending on desired effect.

Step 5: Protection
Application of primer IH-001, to prevent the color changing when overvarnishing with another product.

Step 6: Finishing
Application of a final protection, depending of the final use for this decorational effect.

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