Copper verdigris effect

protector millennium aplicado sobre madera en invierno
Millennium Serie, the ideal protector for outdoor woods
27 January, 2020
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Eurosalqui Corporate Presentation Video
17 February, 2020
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Efecto cardenillo aplicado en garrafa de vino y figura decorativa

Don’t you know how to give a fresh air to the space?

Eurosalqui makes it easy for you, it offers you an innovative texture. A texture process designed to apply to any object. Either, an outdated object or a new element, the possibilities are endless: bottles, pots, figures, frames, sculptures… Its application manages to create completely renovated environments.

As a curiosity of the copper verdigris effect, also known as verdigris, it was already used in ancient times as a green pigment widely used in art, especially in oil painting. However, thanks to technological advances, more stable green pigments have been developed, which quickly removed this pigment from the market.

Today, we can find it around us naturally provoked. We will have seen it hundreds of times. Even in world icons, such as the famous Statue of Liberty in New York. This characteristic green is produced by a chemical reaction of metals such as copper, or of its alloys such as brass and bronze.

To obtain this natural imitation, the research and search team of new Eurosalqui products, puts at your disposal this same effect with more controlled qualities through own tests.

This texture and many others of the collection of effects for different substrates, adapt to the different aesthetic needs of the professional. They are a good resource to personalize those boring corners with style and elegance. We have applied it in bottles of wine and figures, and you, what custom objects of your house?

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