Corten Steel Verdigris

Efecto pizarra tiza aplicado
Magnet + Blackboard Effect
9 July, 2021
Efecto texturas construcción
Construction Textures Effect
9 July, 2021
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Efecto acero corten cardenillo aplicado sobre un jarrón decorativo.

Process that transforms a surface into bicolor corten steel, with a high aesthetic value that also protects the surface from corrossion.

The application of the process following the guidelines of the notes that we describe in the process, is important for the achievement of the result.


Step 1: Preparation of the support
On surfaces such as MDF or wood, it is recommended to apply a pigmented base such as FC-571 WHITE PUR SEALER. Let dry for 24 hours. Surface sanding with 280 – 320 grit. For other surfaces, ask to our technical department for other posible products to be used as first layer, to guarantee adhesions.
Step 2: Steel based application
Apply 180 – 250 g/m2. Product can be diluted with water (30 – 100 %). Let dry for 18 hours under normal conditions of humidity and temperature. Once dry, sand with very fine grain (400 – 600).
Step 3: AQ-600 Application of activator
Apply between 50 – 60 gr/m2. You can use a sprayer, gun or brush. Let dry for 20’.
Step 4: AQ-500 Application of activator
Observe that the first activator is oxidizing. Apply between 50 – 60 gr/m2. You can use a sprayer, gun or brush. Let dry between 8 – 12 hours.
Step 5: Transparent insulating primer IH-001
Without sanding and once the required oxidation has been obtained, we avoid the posible change of tone by applying one layer of IH-001. Apply between 40 – 80 g/m2. Let dry. Depending on final use for this decoration, apply final protection.

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