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8 February, 2018
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An effect is obtained with several hues, fruit of the combination of the base color and the metallic particle.

The application of the process following the guidelines of the notes that we describe in the process, is important for the achievement of the result.


Step 1: Black Primer FC-45/04

When working with woody surfaces (MDF, plywood or wood), base coats FC-45/04 + 50% RP-280 +10% DO-190 (210-300 gr/m2) must be applied until a good preparation is achieved. You must determine the number of layers and the drying time between each coat to decide whether intermediate sanding processes are required. In order to avoid sanding between layers, coats must be applied no more than 3 hours apart. If coats are to be applied at longer intervals, sanding between coats will be necessary.

8-12 hours drying time at 20°C y 60% R.H.

Step 2: Sanding
We recommend drying times of not less than 8 hours after application of the last base coat before proceeding with final sanding. Suitable sanding grains must be selected to ensure a perfect cut and preparation of the film.

Step 3: Top-coat iridiscent effect PM-2100/24
Mixture: PM-2100/24 + 10% DO-190

Application of one coat of 50-80 gr/m2.

1-2 hours drying time at 20°C y 60% R.H.

Step 5: High gloss polyurethane clear coat PB-780
Mixture: PB-780 + 100% RP-085 + 10% DO-190

Application of one coat of 150-180 gr/m2.

24 hours drying time at 20°C y 60% R.H.

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